COVID19 Reopening Plan

  • Temperature checks at school entry each morning.
  • Social distancing, achieved by maintaining small groups of individuals that minimally interact with other groups or individuals.
    • Separate lunch times for PK-4th grade and 5th-12th grade.
    • Different recess times when students will be in the gym
    • Class changes for 5th-12th grade minimized as much as possible.
    • Desks will be spaced as much as possible up to 6 feet.
  • Practicing frequent environmental cleaning, and handwashing.
    • High touch areas (desk, doors, etc) sanitized before a new class enters the room. 
    • Bathrooms sanitized after recess breaks.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle from home and refill as needed from the water fountain.
  • Parents ensure a washable mask is sent with your student(s).

Planning for COVID-19 Cases

  • Students who are sick should stay home (regardless of illness).   We will follow state guidelines on absences; we will communicate more about that policy when information is given.
  • Students who have COVID-19 should stay home and remain isolated until they have recovered and have been determined to no longer be infectious by their doctor.   If a student tests positive, we will notify parents of classmates who have been in close contact by phone.
  • Close contacts may be asked to stay home and monitor symptoms for 14 days.
    • Not every student/faculty member in a school will need to stay home for 14 days, just those who are identified as close contacts to a case.
  • For students who are in isolation, or out for extended times with other illnesses, assignments can still be given by the teacher.  However, at this time we are not prepared for remote learning. We have applied for a grant to better equip us in these cases.  More information will be given as it is available. 
    • Teachers/students/parents may use phones to help facilitate a virtual learning environment.
    • Teachers will be in contact by phone and/or email multiple times during the week regarding work given, new assignments, and questions.